Kibana is not starting as a service


I have an issue regarding kibana service. Kibana service is automatically going to pause state. Don't know what is happening.
Here I'm giving the screenshot of the service

Elasticsearch and logstash are working fine. But kibana is creating a poblem.

I have removed the kibana service and have taken the newer version of kibana and installed as a service. But still the problem persists.

Please help in starting the service.

Sanjay Reddy

Hi Sanjay - Elastic does not provide an official Windows service for Kibana at this time, so unfortunately I can't really comment on what might be going wrong with your use case.

I do know that some resources in the community exist on how to install Kibana as a service on Windows, but at this time those are best effort in terms of support.

Thanks for the response @tbragin

I ran the kibana.bat file manually and Kibana is working fine. Is there any way how to start the kibana.bat file automatically?