Kibana service paused

hi guys, good evening,

I m using windows 10 and i installed a Elasticsearch 5.4.0 everything went well and when I start the service it is running as expected.

But after installing kibana with nssm, and trying to start the service, the following error appears " kibana: Unexpected status SERVICE_PAUSED in response to START control." and the service stay "paused"

Anyone can help me, please?


I don't have much experience with nsm, but I think it's worth checking whether kibana is properly starting as a first step.

Can you walk through your installation steps for kibana? Does running bin/kibana.bat correctly start kibana?

Thanks for the answer.

Yes, if I simply run the elasticsearch.bat and the kibana.bat and verify as
the localhost: 9200 and 5601 they work correctly.

But when installing as a service, it pauses and does not start. The steps I
performed were as follows:

Tutorial elasticsearch+kibana+logstash

Sorry my ignorance, i heard of elasticsearch a week ago.

Tank you

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