Can't start Kibana with nssm.exe Service Paused

Hi People

I tried to start Kibana manually (Kibana-bat) and it worked fine.
However as I tried to start Kibana as a service using nssm.exe it couldn't get started as a service and the service turned to "Paused" any Idea?
I followed the following guide of UiPath (see the step of kibana) Prerequisites for Installation

Any help will be appreciated thanks all:)


Hi @ayyoub. We need to see what warnings or errors are occurring.

Can you set the AppStderr to a file and see if any errors are reported in the file? I don't have experience with nssm, but I think the commands in my example below should work.

For example:

    nssm.exe install kibana $INSTALL_DIR\kibana\bin\kibana.bat
    nssm.exe set kibana AppDirectory $INSTALL_DIR\kibana
    nssm.exe set kibana AppStdout $INSTALL_DIR\kibana\log\kibana.stdout
    nssm.exe set kibana AppStderr $INSTALL_DIR\kibana\log\kibana.stderr
    nssm.exe start kibana

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