Kibana Join two dasets into one visualization

Hi all,

I have an index wit fields like this :

   url:  "/some/url1",   service: "someservice1",  uuid: "ccc-xxx-yyy-zzz1"
   url:  "/some/url2",   service: "someservice1",  uuid: "ccc-xxx-yyy-zzz2"
   url:  "/some/url3",   service: "someservice2",  uuid: "ccc-xxx-yyy-zzz3"
   url:  "/some/url4",   service: "someservice2",  uuid: "ccc-xxx-yyy-zzz1"

And I need to get in the same visualization all url that match a specific uuid that is linked to a specific url.
so in the example above, for example I would get an intermediate result that match url: "/some/url1" :

url: "/some/url1", service: "someservice1", uuid: "ccc-xxx-yyy-zzz1"

and based on this result I need to get all urls that match this specific uuid: "ccc-xxx-yyy-zzz1", so the final result that a visualization can use is like this :

   url:  "/some/url1",   service: "someservice1",  uuid: "ccc-xxx-yyy-zzz1"
   url:  "/some/url4",   service: "someservice2",  uuid: "ccc-xxx-yyy-zzz1"

I tried to do this by using sql in Elasticsearch but it doesn't support subqueries yet (select url from index where uuid in (select uuid from index where url="value")) and answers in the forum suggest to do the join manually in two steps.

So i wonder if this is possible to do it in Kibana by get the same result in one visualisation but using two depndent queries (query2 depends on result ffrom query1)

Thanks in advance.


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