Kibana - joining data tables on specific fields

I have two metrics on Kibana that share a field.

metric.metric: "A"
metric.Id: {SomeNumber}
metric.Amount: {SomeNumber}
metric.metric: "B"
metric.Id: {SomeNumber}
metric.Capability: {SomeString}

I have visualizations for metrics A and B.

The data table visualization for metric A has columns: [Unique Id, SUM(Amount)]

The data table visualization for metric B has columns: [Unique Id, Capability]

Is it possible to create a data table that will contain columns [Unique Id, SUM(Amount), Capability]? I'm basically asking for a join operation on the Id column for these metrics.


Hi Paulo,

I think you will want to add a sub bucket in your first data table visualization. This can be a Terms aggregation on the Capability field.

Here's an example using the sample eCommerce dataset in Kibana. I have added the customer gender column to the table as a sub-bucket of the country code.

Hi @nickpeihl, thanks for the quick answer!

That didn't work for me. It works if my document has all three fields: "Id", "Amount", "Capability". But I have documents that have both "Id" and "Amount", and documents that have both "Id" and "Capability".

When I follow your suggestion I get no results. I'm attaching images of when I have one bucket for each entity, and when I have two buckets:


Hi Paulo,

Kibana does not support joins in that way. What is the cardinality of the capability field? Is it always one-to-one for the id field?

If so, maybe you can use an aggregation on the Capability field. Maybe something like Top Hit? See my example below.

The documents ("Id", "Capability") repeats a lot, but it would be fine to retrieve just the last occurrence of it for each "Id".

The documents ("Id", "Amount") also repeats a lot, and I need to perform a sum agreggation of all Amounts based on the Id. Here I need to sum all values of the documents.

I tried to use a Top Hit but it didn't work.

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