Kibana keeps logging users out "An unexpected authentication error..."

Our two Kibana instances have started to unexpectedly log users out very frequently, sometimes just after few seconds after logging in. Other times it seems to be stable and keeps user logged in then bam! logged out again with error "An unexpected authentication error occurred. Please log in again"

This only seems to have happened since updating our stack to 7.16.2. Both instances are hosted on Red Hat, one is an elastic cluster the other is not.

Occurs on different client computers and browsers.

Anyone seen this before or any advice on how we can troubleshoot?

Hey @ykara84 ,

Sorry for the very delayed reply! Are you still experiencing this issue?

It sounds like a case when configuration of your two Kibana's isn't in sync anymore. Can you check if kibana.yml\keystore\env variables are identical for all your Kibana instances?


@azasypkin yes still having the issue, we will check that and report back. thanks

Hi @azasypkin they are some for both instances

Okay, did you follow these recommendations for Kibana load balancing?

These encryption keys should be set explicitly and be the same across all instances: // decrypting session information
xpack.reporting.encryptionKey // decrypting reports
xpack.encryptedSavedObjects.encryptionKey // decrypting saved objects

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