Kibana Kubernetes Dashboard - Metric issue


i am currently working on kubernetes-metricbeat and in kibana dashboard the metrics in kibana are available only on weekdays. At the weekend the metrics are not anymore available and everything is crashed....

Does anyone know the problem?

Hi @Swathi12

welcome to the Kibana community.
From the screenshot posted, more than a crash it looks like for the last 15 minutes no data was available to show on the Dashboard.
Picking two specific days in the weekend does it show any data (I mean a time range from 00:00 of Sat to 23:59 of Sun)?

Hi @Marco_Liberati
thank you

yes on the weekend its showing

but from sunday its now showing... what is the cause ?

If you open Discover and filter with that time range, does it show up any data?

until saturday yes

on sunday not

The problem then is else where. Data is not coming to Elasticsearch on sunday for some reason, need to investigate in that direction.

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