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Hello All,

I have created a Data Table in Kibana - Visualization - lens - Data Table

I wish to export or Share this table to PDF or any other format.

Normally ,,SHARE" button is available on every Visualisation, However I dont find it here.

Please help me. How can I share / export my Lens Visualization to PDF or other formats..

It's planned to add this capability ( directly into Lens, but it's not possible yet. You can however generate a PDF by adding the Lens visualization to a dashboard, then using the dashboard PDF share functionality to generate a report.

Thanks Joe
I immediately tried this. It works well

Only one hiccup is still there.
The PDF file generated has only one page. Seems PDF report does not support Pagination.

Is there any Advanced Setting etc to print/share entire report in PDF ?
(My last resort is to use external plugins like Skedler etc)

Thanks in advance..

I think the pagination support is limited, you can try the "optimized for print" flag when scheduling the report

Thanks Joe :+1:

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