Kibana limit number of alerts


Is it possible to limit number of alerts on rule match? I created custom query to that matches ~ 100 events per one hour, but I want to have only one alert for this and all the events shoud be connected to this alert. Next hour should be second alert and so on.

How to do that?

Thanks for help.


Using the API you can set a max_signals options to limit the amount of signals created per execution.

Using this you can do the following:

  "max_signals": 100,
  "from": "now-70m",
  "interval": "1h",

Hi sholzhauer,

thanks for your answer - it raised more questions than answers :slight_smile:

  • In my exported rule I see max_signals: 100, yet the number alerts in single execution is 160/175/136 depending on number of matched events. So this setting doesn't work correctly or am I missing something?
  • Why is the option max_signals not in GUI? I consider this option can be very useful in decreasing the number of alerts.
  • I set max_signals: 1 and result was 2 alerts, but in there is > 100 matched events so it just skips the other events - that's not what I want.

To be more specific - I want to create rule to detect routing issue on perimeter. My logstash tags all our connections as external, that doesn't contain our public IP's in source.ip or destination.ip. I can find them with query network.direction: external. I would like to detect these issues, but I only want one alert with all matching events mentioned in alert info.

Is that possible to do?

Thank you

I think you are then looking at a threshold rule. This will group all of the events which match under it.

Why not create a rule that triggers on change so you have one alert until it is cleared ?

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