Kibana Limit to Data

I have a data with values A=10, B=20,C=30 is there any way in data parsing when the value reach to C=30 kibana check the limit and it shoots email to the specific person that your amount is consumed kindly recharged your account.

It sounds like what you’re looking for is Watcher. This way you can set a condition which triggers an alert.

This is included with x-pack. If you don’t have x-pack I expect you’d have to create a custom solution using a Python script scheduled in a crontab which periodically checks for the value using the elasticsearch API.

ok so it email will trigger at every condition ? for example if i have 5 records and amount limit is change at every record for example
A= 10 if amount = 10 email will trigger
B=20 if amount = 20 email will trigger
C=30 same as the above case
D= 40 same as the above case
E=50 same as the above case
what i mean to say if amount is consumed email will trigger if not consumed email will not trigger,
and watcher is free of cost ?

Yes you could set up different alerts and different emails for each threshold level if you like.

The alerting/watcher feature is part of x-pack so no, not free of cost. X-pack is included with Elastic Cloud deployments but if you’re self-hosting it would require a license.

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