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Hello everybody,
I'm trying to create in Elastic (the cloud version) a trigger / alert that, based on the value of an index field, sends an email.

My index is, more or less, structured like this:

id timestamp
XX 2021-05-01 17:23
YY 2021-05-01 16:15

I would like to create an alert that, if the data is older than 10 minutes, a specific alert relating to the id will start, so:

"XX hasn't sent data for more than 10 minutes"


so the idea of watcher here, is to create an elasticsearch query first, that returns the data you need - so we should probably work on this first. In your case it seems you are interested in the latest timestamp for certain ids. You can try with a max aggregation on the timestamp and use a terms aggregation on the id field, and also filter for your 10 minute window in your query and then check the number of buckets - this will however only work for up to 10k buckets.

hope that helps as a start



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There's a few examples here that might be of use - examples/Alerting/Sample Watches at master · elastic/examples · GitHub

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Can you help me with the query?

Where can I put the query and activate the trigger?

The Create Watch API should help you.

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