Kibana - Line Visualization - Circle color tied to data (Pass/Fail) result

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Kibana forum members. I am working on a specific visualization opportunity that would leverage a Line Visualization. Line Visualizations allow circles to be shown at each plotted data point, where the circle is simply the same color as the line.

What I would like to be able to do is change the color of that circle conditionally, based upon Pass/Fail results data. All this data resides in the same record (document) that resulted for each plotted point. I've included two images below showing the current (Before) and the desired (After) look of the visualization.

I would be very grateful for your assistance in helping me realize this improved visualized data.

(Robert Monfera) #2

There's an open github issue for this feature, you could add your vote there. Please see the comment on a timelion overplotting workaround that would probably help you achieve this functionality.

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