Kibana log out when leave the tab


I had some strange behavior with Kibana from this morning (UTC +9).
When I open Kibana 7.7.0 that was working fine yesterday, it ask me to login and as soon as I leave the tab to another tab, kibana refresh and log me out with this message:

Your session has timed out. Please log in again.

I also upgrade to last firefox this morning 77.0.1...

Maybe too much 7 in the version make kibana lost connection! :sweat_smile:

Now I use chromium and so far no problem. Maybe it's related to Firefox only change, but so far all other application I use, only this version of kibana log out. Kibana version 6.5 is ok.
I don't have other 7 version to test.

Hope it help to find a bug or prevent some new users to have bad experience.

Maybe system restart fix the problem! <-- I come back on Monday and no more problem now.

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