Kibana Login Page with 6.8.0


I want to use kiaban login page for (Authentication/ Authorization). I was using 6.5.1 version for Logstash+ElasticSearch+Kibana. And my license type was basic.
Since my requirement was not meeting with Logstash+ElasticSearch+Kibana - 6.5.1 version. I had to upgrard my system to 6.8.0.
Followed by the upgrade Kibana started coming with Login option by not the one I am looking for. The login option currently appearing is more like proxy enabled login. I have attached the screenshot. 


The login is working as expected with built in user (elastic / changeme). 
Could you please help me by suggesting how could I achive that Kiabana log in screen with licese type is -basic.


The basic authentication was added a bit more recently in the basic license, i think. If you upgrade, this is what you should do to enable it:

Yes in my case I was using logstash 6.8.0 and elastic search 6.8.0. While Kibana was running on 6.5.1. So I am going to upgrade my Kibana to 6.8.0 and see what comes up. Thank you for your help !!

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