Kibana Logs UI query match_all


I'm using Kibana Logs UI to view my logs from my k8s pods. Although, when I do a simple query such as "" , I can check a high load on cluster and all Stack hangs.

Is that query doing a "match_all" documents from all matched indices? Is there way to deal with that?
(Other cached queries is ok).

Architecture: All my Stack is 7.4.2 (except Metricbeat 7.3.2) and running on k8s (Elastic Official Helm charts)

  • FIlebeat+Metricbeat (daemonsets) -> Elasticsearch

  • APM Agents -> APM Server -> Elasticsearch

  • Kibana -> Elasticsearch

  • Elasticsearch: Hot+Warm

  1. 03 hot nodes: 1TB SSD + 8CPU + 28GB RAM
  2. 03 warm nodes: 2TB SSD + 4CPU + 16GB RAM
  3. 03 shards - 0 Replica
  4. Active indices -> Hot nodes
  5. Read-only indices -> Warm nodes
  6. I'm using ILM (rollover indices to warm nodes with 60GB (20gb/shard) and delete them after 20 days)

Index rate is 25k/s

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