Kibana Logstash Pipeline Limit?


I'm trying to figure out if there is a limit to what is in the Logstash Pipelines within Kibana. I have a lengthy pipeline for Winlog beat, and most of all of it is working.
However, I added to new filters to filter in new events coming in, and the filters are not working. All the other filters are, but the two new filters aren't.
I have checked formatting, white spaces, blank lines (if the pipelines are format sensitive like Winlogbeat).

The events are coming into Kibana, but the filter is definitely not working because it's supposed to mutate the event by adding a new field and dropping one. The other filters are doing the same exact function, mutating the field, and they work. So I don't understand why adding this extra couple do not work.

Just makes me wonder if there is a limit to how much a pipeline can do?

Hey @rmoat, Just to make sure I understand, are you configuring your pipeline with the Ingest Node Pipelines UI, or with a manual Logstash config?

Hi @lukeelmers, I apologize for the delay. I've been waiting for a team member to get back with me. We are using a manual Logstash config.

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