What is the difference between logstash and kibana pipelines?


I have always used logstash but I would like to know if it could be replaced by kibana pipelines or if using kibana pipelines has any limitations

thanks in advance!

Can you elaborate please, Kibana doesn't have a concept of pipelines.

first of all, thank for answering!

this is not like pipelines in logstash?

Ahh ok, that's the UI for Ingest pipelines | Elasticsearch Guide [7.14] | Elastic.

TLDR the ones you can setup in Elasticsearch via Kibana (ingest pipelines) are meant to be a bit simpler to setup and manage, but you loose some of the more advanced features of Logstash.

could you say some of that advanced features?
i`m considering using only ui kibana

Here's what ingest pipelines support - Ingest processor reference | Elasticsearch Guide [7.14] | Elastic

Compared to Logstash;

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Thank you!

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