Kibana looks like it cancels requests if they take more than 30 seconds?

I was running the newest version of Kibana, 7.6. I was noticing that during ingestion process, some of my visualizations are taking over 30 seconds. When they take that long it will expose the error:

[esaggs] > Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0

When looking at the network request, it says cancelled. I think that it auto-cancels requests but it seems that the timeout will occur around the 30 second mark.

I have some visualizations for the last 2 days, pretty much monitoring the counts of ingestion per host. I am running a single, dual purpose data/master node, which is likely why kibana requests are taking so long.

Before I start building out and adding more machines to the ES instance, I want to see if this is actually a bug or not. It seems that sometimes when I set the relative conditions to under 3 recent hours, it will display the graphs.

Thoughts or recommendations?

Hi @fallenreaper,

The error message isn't nice and doesn't really help. There is an issue for this which is actively worked on:

You are completely correct though - the Kibana server is taking longer than 30 seconds to fetch the data from Elasticsearch, this is why it gives up and just shows an error. If your requests sometimes take longer, you can increase the value in your kibana.yml file by giving elasticsearch.requestTimeout a value greater than 30000 (the unit is ms). The default is just in place here to prevent super expensive queries submitted by accident to run forever and slowing down your cluster.


That being said, > 30s load time is a lot. Maybe it is possible to tune your server a bit without adding hardware. For guidance around this you can post in the ES forum and I'm sure you will find help.

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