Kibana makes default index-pattern a not existing one

Hi ,

I used the below command
curl -k --show-error "" --max-time 3 --retry 1 -H 'kbn-version: 7.0.1' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data-binary '{"changes":{"defaultIndex":"giouxou_index_pattern"}}' --compressed --write-out %{http_code}

giouxou_index_pattern doesn't exists but the above command give as http response
and as curl status 0.

Also in kibana before commad the default index-pattern was the fmdata but after the command it is not any more as shown in the below snip

Could you please comment on that? Is that a bug?


Sorry I am a bit confused with your post. What was the intended action with this command please and which context did you use it?

"curl -k --show-error "" --max-time 3 --retry 1 -H 'kbn-version: 7.0.1' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data-binary '{"changes":{"defaultIndex":" giouxou_index_pattern "}}' --compressed --write-out %{http_code}"



With this command you are setting a kibana index-pattern as default. In my kibana only fmdata index-pattern exists and initially fmdata was set to be the default index-pattern. But when I am setting as default index-pattern the non existing index-pattern giouxou_index_pattern , I get as http response 200 -> OK and in kibana i see that the existing index-pattern fmdata is not the default one anymore.
Shouldn't kibana not to accept to set a non existing index-pattern as default?
Thank you in advance!

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