Kibana Metrics APP don't show metricbeat system Capacity Metrics

I have deployed Metrics beat as recommended on

System actual CPU, Memory, Load and Network Usage are shown But Capacity Graphs don't show any data.

On the other hand, I can query the necessary Kubernetes.node.cpu.capacity.cores metrics on kibana. That means we have those metrics on elasticsearch.

So, Why Kibana could not show the Kubernetes Node Resource Capacity metrics ?

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I am using Elastic Cloud On Kubernetes v1.1.1
and Metricbeat and Elastic Stack V.7.7.0

I have followed below documents ;

On the Other hand, I just checking the Visualizations and unfortunately did not see any visualization like "Cpu Capacity [Kubernetes Owerview ECS]"

Like I found for Cpu Usage Dashboards as below screenshot.

How can I create a new Visualization and attach it to Metrics APP on Kibana ?

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