Kibana missing cpu stats

We recently upgraded our Elasticsearch prod cluster from 6.4.2->6.8.15->7.12.1 and we are not seeing cpu data in kibana now:

Hovering over the info link suggests that we need to enable cpu quotas but I'm unable to find any info on doing so. We are running on VMs but not in containers. We see the same behavior on our dev and eval single server "clusters" some of which are running in podman containers, some on VMs. All are now running 7.12.1 and yes, we are using internal monitoring (not metricbeat). I inherited this and will get external monitoring setup at some point.

I have seen instances where it takes a little while for stats to populate. How long has it not been showing up for?

A long time. The dev and eval servers have been running 7.12.1 for months. Prod for about 2 weeks I think?

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And here's what the rollover shows:

@warkolm any other thoughts?

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