Kibana Missing Share Option Setup Guide Prevents Options From Displaying Potentially

Just putting this out there if any other users run into this issue as this may be a possible solution. A user was unable to use the Share feature in the Discover section to export logs even though they have Superuser and Kibana_Admin roles. They were logged into the Default Space and using a specific data view. When they went to use the Share function the area in the UI which included the New, Open, Share, Alerts, Inspect links and the Save button was blank. However, when they click on the Setup Guide button and then went back to that view these options were available. Theres a lot of variables here so I've had trouble reproducing it but the user has used this deployment for years now and has Superuser/Kibana Admin privileges so you would think they wouldn't hit this issue.

Hello @Ryan_Downey,

Thanks for sharing this!

Could you please open an issue for it here?

I opened this up yesterday. I wish I could be of more help with the reproduction aspect but there may be bunch of different variables that have to line up for this to happen.

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Thanks for sharing it here.

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