Kibana Monitoring Cluster Alerts [7.9.0]

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I have found out some warnings on Kibana's log about monitoring.cluster_alerts:

{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2020-09-09T10:26:31Z","tags":["warning","config","deprecation"],"pid":7,"message":"Config key [monitoring.cluster_alerts.email_notifications.email_address] will be required for email notifications to work in 8.0.\""}
{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2020-09-09T10:26:32Z","tags":["warning","plugins","monitoring","monitoring"],"pid":7,"message":"X-Pack Monitoring Cluster Alerts will not be available: undefined"}

Cluster alerts feature is part of basic license? Do I ignore these warnings or I should to confgure cluster alerts on my Elasticsearch?

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The first log message can be ignored, it's a deprecation warning. The second message indicates that cluster alerts are disabled because the licensing service couldn't be loaded. You might need to provide more detail about your configuration to get some help.

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Safe to ignore, as it's not even accurate.

This has been recently fixed and will not show up (unless it's really not available) in 7.9.1:

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