[kibana] Multi-levle pie chart issue

Hi Team,

  1. I have below set of data in elk. Inside the data, the values under ktf4 column describe the elements end user selected for Profile_Criteria only on UI page.
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> ktf2,ktf3,ktf4
> "Keyword,Profile_Criteria",,city
> Background_Criteria,languages,
> Profile_Criteria,,managerId
> Rating_Criteria,,
> Background_Criteria,languages,
> Profile_Criteria,,managerId
> Profile_Criteria,,firstName
    1. I go to Kibana->visualization to create a multi-level pie chart, the inner ring is aggregated based on ktf2, the outer ring is aggregated based on ktf4.
      From the above data, it generated below pie charts with two levels.
      For the out ring, it aggregated for keyword(which is part of slice in the inner ring) as well. As I explained above, ktf4 is the field to describe Profile_Criteria only, so the aggregation for outer ring shouldn’t generate a slice for Keyword.
      As the data structure is already there, and is not very likely to re-structure it. Is there any way to work around this issue?

From the data, it appears that this is functioning correctly. Your first entry has both Keyword and Profile_Criteria for ktf2 in the same entry that has city for ktf4, so it would make sense that city is showing up for both of these. Am I misunderstanding something?

Hi Lukas,

Your understanding is correct. But I am seeking for anyway that when aggregating with ktf4, it aggregate for Profile_Criteria only, an neither aggregating for keyword nor display it in the outerring, is there anyway to achieve this?


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