Kibana multiline chart from object

I have a document like this

 "metrics": {
   "first-meaningful-paint": 4444.6596,
   "time-to-first-byte": 103.52200000000002

How I should define a multiline chart, each line for one metric?

Hi @astropanic do you seek advice on how to visualize it best or do you want to know how to use kibana to have it display two lines in one chart?

If it is the second one:
Go open up a new visualization, choose basic charts -> line, then pick a aggregation method (average/median..) that you want your values in the same bucket to be aggregated by and then pick metrics.first-meaningful-paint and also add a metric for metrics.time-to-first-byte . As the y axis you then probably want a date histogram.

If you want add a second y axis with a different scale afterwards under the metrics & axis option tab.

Hope this helps.

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