[Kibana Network graph] No results

Hi All,

I want to presente my data on a kibana network graph, i have choose a field as a node but no results are remonted on the graph, and when i inspect the data are here.
can one help me please?

Thanks in advance

When you do this operation can you monitor the Kibana logs ? .Could you open your browser's dev tools and see if there are any JS errors and if not check the Network tab to see what the request and response from ES are (look for an _msearch request)?


Thank you Rashmi for your reply,

I checked the kibana logs, i have my logs groked by ES, and there is no JS error.
On the network tab i see a reponse with a status OK 200,
Below the screenShot:




I am blocked there, and dont have any idea for this problem.

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