Kibana: Not able to maximize panel permanently


In Kibana 8.6.2, I would like to maximize a panel permanently.
So, I click on the panel's "Options" > "Maximize panel":


However, when I load the Kibana dashboard next time, the panel is minimized again.

It does not work either when I switch to edit mode before and click on "Save" afterwards:

Thank you very much for your help!

unfortunately this is no longer possible in kibana. In case you feel this is an important feature feel free to open a feature request on GitHub - elastic/kibana: Your window into the Elastic Stack

Hello ppisljar,
thank you for your fast response!
Is this possible in earlier Kibana versions? On which version would I need to downgrade?

i might be wrong but i think before 8.2 kibana used to store full dashboard state to url, but i strongly suggest NOT downgrading.

Thank you very much for your response

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