Sharing link to dashboard with maximized panel

In Kibana 7.17 and older, our users were able to

  1. maximize a single panel (on a multi-panel dashboard),
  2. Share -> Permalinks -> Snapshot -> Copy link, and then
  3. use the copied link in a browser and see the dashboard with the maximized panel.

In Kibana 8.6 (and 8.7 and maybe also earlier) step 3 gives a dashboard with all panels in their default sizes, instead of having the wanted panel maximized.

Question: Is this a regression or an intentional change in behavior?

I found the culprit. This property is missing in the shared link:

expandedPanelId:'<panel id>'

If I add this property manually to the shared link, the panel is shown maximized as intended when the link is opened in a browser.

Should I open a bug report for this or is this an intentional change in behavior?

Some further information:

Adding the expandedPanelId property currently works in our clusters that run 8.6.2, but does not work in our 8.7.0 clusters.

Is this a Kibana feature that has been removed?

Hi @tomhe thank you for getting to the bottom of this! It looks like this is an unintentional regression. I'm sorry to hear your workaround stopped working in 8.7.0.

We would greatly appreciate this issue filed as a bug. Please add the details here:

Edit: I have filed this on your behalf:

Thank you @tsullivan!

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