Kibana not filtering specific visulization

Hello everyone,

I'm working on a project on Kibana to do a dashboard with specifics visualizations from 2 files, a .log file and a .csv file, I have two index patterns too.

I use a panel to select what kind of data I want to filter.
The following picture is my dashboard without filter

As I mentionned before, I use 2 files and I did visualizations about with specifics variables ( when I have the data in each file, I gave them the same name).

But, my problem is when I select a filter about a variable which is contained in 1 files, the visualization about the other file is "no result found" but I don't want to filter this one.

Is it possible to limit the use of certain filters on visualizations?

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Hey @thibdeb !
So if I understand correctly you have visualizations that use different patterns and you want to filter with one index pattern but without affecting the other visualizations, right?
If this is the case, you could switch on the following setting

where is this setting done?

on the Stack Management--> Advanced Settings

Hey Stratoula,

You have understood my request !

I didn't find where is "Advanced Setting" on "Stack Management", can you help me ?

Which kibana version do you use ? Maybe you don't have the correct permissions

I think I use Kibana 7.10.2

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