Kibana not giving results when checking using *, Also need help in Scripted field

Hi All,

I want to search for a sentence in Kibana. Please see below an Example.
Actual Log : Product 134563 is blocked in SAP

When i search with "Product * is blocked in SAP" in Kibana, Its not showing any result.

I am getting results when i search with
message:"is blocked in SAP"

But not getting results when searching with
message:"Product * is blocked in SAP"

Can you help me with this request, what i am missing here.

Also I have one more requirement if possible, How can i create a scripted field to get only the product id in the above log.

Thanks in Advance!

You can try extracting a number with either a regex, like in this example -
or split your string and extract the second array cell, like in this example - Using painless script split(string) don't work


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