Kibana not loading in browser

I have a 3-node Elasticsearch cluster (one dedicated master and two data nodes).

I want to have Kibana set up on a client node and followed the documentation on setting up Kibana in production environment and I believe it was working (this was before i had any data being pumped into elasticsearch).

I then set up a separate Marvel node to monitor the 3-node cluster. I installed the marvel plug in on Kibana and on the cluster. I could only get the Marvel data if i switched the Elasticsearch URL to the Marvel node. However, i could not see any of my indices in the ES cluster.

I have since gotten all of my logs to populate indices in Elasticsearch and now am going back to kibana to build dashboards.

I installed the Basic license on the elasticsearch cluster and reinstalled marvel on both Elasticsearch and Kibana and have taken the Marvel node out of the equation for now.

Now - when i go into Kibana in my browser, all i get is the Kibana is loading. Give me a moment here... page and it hangs FOREVER.

What is going on??

What version of kibana? If you open developer tools in your browser, are there any errors?