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I have created a dummy index. The documents have one of fields as “timegenerated”.
The timegenerated is of 2 days prior. Eg if today is 13 sept. Timegenerated is 11 sept. Time stamp is from 00:00 to 23:59. So I got a complete day’s data.

I have created visualisation with x axis as the timegenerated per min.

I do see the data in the visualization but when I want to refresh it to today. It doesn’t . I expected that the visualization goes blank but that doesn’t happen. I just can see the whole 1 day visualization.

Ps: visualization type is line
Kibana version 6.2.4


Did you consider changing the time interval for the visualization? Basic thing, but just in case.

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Hello Ridwan,

Did you set the visualization to auto-refresh? It's likely off by default:


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Yes . I have set it on . And infact I do see it refreshing after the set interval but there isn’t change in the graph.

Btw, this isn’t an issue with auto refresh. When I set the intervals from say last 1 hr . So I expect that the graph should populate likewise (ie in my case -blank) but that doesn’t happen. Rather i see I see the graph populated with the data whose timegenerated is 2 days prior from today.

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Yes I have tried time intervals and that is what’s not working .

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Well, the issue was that i created the index-pattern thru api and did not set the timeFieldName. hence the index was not "time-based events" .

recreated the index-pattern with timeFieldName set to the appropriate field.
working as per expectation !

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