Problem with Refresh button for visualizations in Kibana 7.16.1


In Kibana v7.16.1 inside a vertical bar visualization (didn't test on other types), when I click the Refresh button, the graph is not updated, and I know the data is being updated. I can see that the data is actually being updated because if I push F5 or the browser refresh button (and so the whole kibana and not just the visualization is refreshed) the graph gets updated with the latest info.

I'm not adding new data, I'm updating existing records, changing original values with others.

My feeling is that the button is not doing anything. With other Kibana versions, even when the data is not changed, I could see the whirling animation for a small fraction of time on the top left corner (next to "Elastic") when I click the Refresh button. In this case, that whirl doesn't even appear.


Thanks for the post. When you hit refresh can you please open the network console and see the request being sent to the server. Any errors in the console/Kibana logs ?

probably a video capture would be more helpful.


Hi Rashmi,

Thanks for answering so fast. While I learn on how to capture and upload a video of it, I found some more details:

  • If the date is something like "Last 1 day" or last 1 year, the network console shows sending the request, so it seems that is working fine.

  • If the date is an absolute date (from 1/Apr/2021 to 4/Apr/2021 for example) then clicking the Refresh doesn't really do anything. The request is not sent. Nothing happens in the network console nor in a tail -f of the kibana log when clicking on the Refresh button with absolute dates.

I checked this behaviour on Chrome and Firefox (latests versions as I have updates enabled).
Just going back and forth from an absolute date to "Last x" dates, I can see the requests being sent in one case and not in the other.


This does look like a regression to me.

Could you please file a bug issue here - Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Please mention that this doesn't work for absolute time range, but works for a relative time range.
Also please let us know in which App does this happens. For example. it could be that the issue happens only inside visualize editor, but not inside the Dashboard app

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