Kibana 6.5.1 refresh on dashboards not working after extended idle time

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Hi Guys,

I'm finding the refresh button on Kibana is ceasing to function after I leave the tab open for an extended period.

On reopening the tab and clicking refresh (to update a dashboard or search, for example) I'm getting no updated data or feedback of any kind. No errors, no animation across the top of the screen to imply communication with ES.

What information can I supply to help debugging this issue?


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Hey @Jamalarm,

Just a couple questions to help me diagnose:

  1. Have you used previous versions of Kibana before, or is 6.5.1 the first version you've used? If the former, have you noticed this behavior in any previous versions of Kibana, or did it start after using 6.5.1?

  2. Are you using the Elastic security features?

(Salva) #3

I am also facing this problem, but it happens all the time, not only after a extended idle time.
I have found this thread: Manual dashboard refresh on Kibana
And the answer redirects to an issue on github:

It is for an older version of Kibana (6.4) but it is still open.

Does anyone know any workaround for this problem? It is very annoying :smile:

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Hi Larry,

I have used other versions of Kibana before (all 6.x) but this is the first one I've noticed it on. However, this is also the first version I have been attempting to use the refresh feature often.

This is on an elastic cloud hosted cluster, so the basic security realm is in use, and transit and rest encryption.


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@slabajos, thanks for linking that issue. I'd suggest voting for that issue on Github to let the team know you're also interested in getting that fixed.

@Jamalarm, does the issue linked above sound like what you're experiencing, or is it a different issue altogether? If you change the query and click "Refresh", does the dashboard in fact update?

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Hi Larry,

It seems changing the query allows the page to update, though the button changes from "Refresh" to "update" in this case.

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