Kibana Auto Refresh

Hi All,
I am using Auto-refresh functionality in the kibana dashboard but it seems not working fine as the dashboard is not updating in the auto-refresh time interval.
but when I did the same for discovering page and for particular visualization its's working.
Can someone help me to solve this out?

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I'm having the same issue.
Discover page works fine and visualizations work fine but dashboards do not.
I've tested multiple clusters and kibana instances.
Seems to be a kibana 7.6.0 issue

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Thanks Mike,
hope this issue resolves soon, please update if you find any other way.

Mike is completely right, this is a known bug in 7.6.0, tracked here:

A fix is already merged and scheduled to be released in the next bugfix version 7.6.1:

The problem only affects visualizations, saved searches do refresh on Discover.


Thanks for the update flash!!

Guys do we have an idea bout 7.6.1 release date or any temp way to solve this issue? Thanks


I don't have any about the next release!!
but I used the previous version of kibana 7.5.1 and it's work fine !!

How can I use the previous version as we have already upgraded to 7.6.0

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7.6.1 was just released that has the bug fix

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