Kibana not seeing ES logs insterted via HTTP POST

Hey all,

I got Kibana and ES working together and data flowing from Winston without any issues. I have a mobile app that I am trying to hook up to ES and wanted to do it via an HTTP POST call.

POST /logs-2019.12.03/_doc

I see the new fields in the index in ES and I refreshed the Index Pattern in Kibana, but when I try to search for the data in those new fields nothing is showing up. I was able to query ES API directly to retrieve this data, so it seems there is an issue between Kibana and ES.

Any ideas?

Hi @maxstone9,

thanks for reaching out. In the top menu there should be an Inspect button. It can show you the ES request made by Kibana. Could you copy and paste the one that's not working for you together with the mapping of your index (GET /logs-*/_mapping) and the request you are sending to ES directly that's working fine?