Kibana not showing ANYTHING except for Timelion

I recently re-installed my ELK stack to a cloud server instead of a local box, and I am running into a slew of issues with Kibana.

Everything is set up correctly, my indexes ARE being created from Elasticsearch(you can see them with the http://<ip-of-ELK>:9200/_cat/indices?v command. Kibana is an index that shows up.

Here is what happened the first time that I got to Kibana:

  1. The normal page showed up to type in an index to represent
  2. I type in filebeat-* , and then hit create
  3. Server error, Kibana was not started properly
  4. I do the systemctl reset-failed kibana and systemctl restart kibana on my server, because I didn't see anything in my error log for Kibana.

And now, I cannot see anything in Kibana except for the 'Timelion' tab, which

Different broswers don't work either.

Running ELK 5.2
CentOS 7 is the host system


yikes, that looks nasty.

First question: are you doing an upgrade from an earlier version? Or did you just did a reinstall on a different box?


Reinstall on a different box.

I deleted the .kibana inced and got some things back, but then as soon as I type in the mapping pattern it says that it fails.

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