Kibana server working but blank

(Pedro Vilas Boas) #1

Hey, recently upgraded to kibana 5.1.1 on centos 7.2. Server is working fine, i go to localhost:5601 and the new (pinker) kibana loads good but everything is blank like in the printscreen:

Even if i click on the other buttons, everything stays the same, except for timelion which seems to work properly.

Anyone knows whats wrong with this?

(Jim Unger) #2

Does the browser developer tools provide any additional information? Any error messages?

(Pedro Vilas Boas) #3

yeah but i dont really know what to do with it

Obviously kibana is running. And about the "indexPattern's configured pattern does not match any indices", shouldnt kibana create a new index in ES?

(Jim Unger) #4

Yes, kibana does create a .kibana index, but it doesn't look like that is the cause of the error.

It appears that there is a problem with an existing index pattern in kibana. I was able to recreate this situation by forcing a bad index-pattern record into my .kibana index.

What is the nature of your upgrade? Are there existing visualizations/etc that you want to preserve from the previous version?

Do you still have elasticsearch indexes that would match the index-pattern 'tracy-*'?

(Pedro Vilas Boas) #5

Filebeat, Logstash and ElasticSearch automatically upgraded so Kibana stopped working, thats why i upgraded to a newer version compatible with the others.

I dont need to preserve any visualization, i just use Kibana to check the stream of data that goes into Elasticsearch.

No i dont have ES indexes that match the pattern tracy-*

(Pedro Vilas Boas) #6

I deleted the .kibana index and restarted kibana and now it works.

Maybe the old .kibana index is not compatible with the new one?

(Jim Unger) #7

If you don't care about any of the existing data in kibana, you can delete your .kibana index, and it will be recreated when you restart kibana.

(Jim Unger) #8

Ha. You beat me to it.
It was incompatible because your default index pattern was pointing to indices that no longer exist.

(Pedro Vilas Boas) #9

Thank you for your help!

(Jim Unger) #10

You're welcome! Glad we were able to get that resolved!

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