Kibana Not Starting on Windows-7


Hi -
Am getting the below error while trying to start the Kibana on Windows-7 servicepack-2.
Am running ES with the same version.
Could you please let me know to resolve the below issue. Thanks !


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@paul1243 Kibana utilizes Node to run it's server, would you mind trying to run .\node\node.exe from cmd to see if you get the same error?


Hi @Brandon_Kobel-

I see the same error when I execute the node.exe command.
Please let me know on how to resolve the issue. Thanks !

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@paul1243 could you try running cmd as Administrator, and then trying to run node\node.exe to verify that it's not a permissions/privileges issue?


yes, I ran with the Admin privileges, still the same issue persists. :frowning:

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@paul1243 could you try using to determine if node.exe has any missing dependencies/modules?

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