Kibana not updating indices after X-Pack installed

(Kevin) #1

After I installed X-Pack, on Kibana my filebeat-2017.05.16 stops receiving/updating new documents that are coming from my filebeat.

After installing X-pack, I tried it with

PUT _xpack/watcher/watch/cluster_health_watch
"trigger" : {
"schedule" : { "interval" : "10s" }

to test x-pack and then delete it with

DELETE _xpack/watcher/watch/cluster_health_watch

I'm not sure what caused my index stop updating documents after I installed X-Pack.


(Tim Vernum) #2

The most likely explanation is that X-Pack security is rejecting updates from beats (that is one of the features of security - it rejects actions from unauthenticated sources)

The documentation walks through the process of integrating Beats with X-Pack security.

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