Indexes not found after x-pack install

I know this feels like beating a dead horse a little bit (I've searched this topic a lot in the forums but have yet to find an answer)....but this has really got me stumped.

I had ElasticSearch and Kibana running with WinlogBeat and Heartbeat sending data to Elasticsearch for about 2 days. I had the index Pattern setup and the Heartbeat dashboard working.

I then install x-pack and they no longer show data.

I decided to delete both the winLogbeat-* and the heartbeat-* indexes from Kibana hoping to recreate them and now Kibana (under Management, Index Patterns) says "Couldn't find any Elasticsearch data".

I then uninstalled x-pack and I could recreate the indexes just fine. I feel like I'm missing a critical piece of the x-pack install/config.

Open to any suggestions.

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We should start by looking in the ES cluster to see if the indices are truly gone or if it's just Kibana that can't find them.
Can you post the answer of a _cat/indices to your ES cluster? I would say try it first from the Kibana Console (from Dev Tools) and if that shows nothing, try it from cURL as well.

OK, so here is what I have done. I removed x-pack and got the system back to what I had before. I have heartbeat running monitoring a couple things (1-icmp and 1-http) and I have one server running winlogbeat.

Here is a screen shot from the ES showing the current indexes:

Here is a screen shot from the Kibana showing the data from those indexes:

Next I installed x-pack on ES per the instructions:

And Kibana:

NOTE: Even though it says Kibana restarted I find a nice reboot tends to make everything a little happier.

Now when I go into Kibana I see this:

And here is a screen shot of the ES Indexes:

And a screenshot of the Kibana Management console:

Oh and here is what I get when I try to create new indexes:

Hope this explains things a little better. Sorry for being screenshot happy.

What user are you using to log in into Kibana? Did you set any specific permission for it?

Found my problem.

After X-Pack install I was logging into Kibana as Kibana. I needed to login as elastic and then add the proper user accounts.


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