Index doesn't show in kibana after x-pack installed

Elasticsearch version: 6.8.2
Kibana version: 6.8.2
heartbeat version: 6.8.2
x-pack enabled: true

i have a weird issue in kibana where i am not able to see my index in "index Pattrens" tab, i can see that index in "index management" tab, i am logged in as a superuser (FYI)

Someone please help me with it, i am seeing this issue after enable x-pack, Thanks.

Hi @vijayakrishna.rg

Could you describe the steps you took to install x-pack? In 6.8 it is supported to have x-pack installed already if you are using the default distribution channels (docker container or website ). If that works for your setup, could you try to use the default distribution?

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