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How can we use Kibana Offline map ? I am running ELK on an offline server (no internet connectivity). When try to create a coordinate map using the lat/long values in my logs , I encounter the following issue:

"Coordinate Map: Could not retrieve manifest from the tile service: status -1"

May be this is because I am trying to run offline and tiles are not being loaded on the server.

Please suggest.


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This is not a trivial task.
You are going to have to set up a local map tile server if you want to accomplish this. may be a good place to start looking at how.

If you do accomplish this, then you will have to configure Kibana to point at your server. How to do that can be found here

Wish I had an easier solution for you, but having it work out of the box as long as you're connected to the internet is our easy solution. :slight_smile:

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