Loading map in kibana for coordinate map visualize

hi all,
i have an index with lon and lat information. now i want to create a coordinate map visualize so that show theses points on the map. notably, the kibana has been installed on a server with no access to internet. how can i load map in this case?.
on the other hand, i am accessing to localhost:5601 address using chrome browser of my PC which has internet access. is it possible to load map using my browser?. when i build this visualize using my browser, following message can be found in localhost:5601

Could not retrieve manifest from the tile service: status -1

Hi @sahere37,

Kibana currently requires the server to be able to access the Elastic Maps Service in order to render maps correctly. If you can't use this, then you also have the option of hosting your own tile maps service. If you have that running within your own environment, then you can tell Kibana to use your own service instead of Elastic's maps service.

many thanks for your reply. Could you please advise me that how can I host my own tile maps service?

This should get you started: https://openmaptiles.com/server/

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