Kibana Optimization failure

I try to develop my own visualization - custom table for precalculated data. I've started with starting code downloaded from elasticsearch page.
After restart Kibana I received following error:

D:\Program Files\Elastic\Kibana\6.2.4\bin>kibana.bat
  log   [09:11:29.509] [info][optimize] Optimizing and caching bundles for stateSessionStorageRedirect, status_page, searchguard-login, searchguard-multitenancy, searchguard-configuration, kibana and timelion. This may take a few minutes
 error  [09:13:30.482] [fatal] Error: Optimizations failure.
   4377 modules

    ERROR in ../optimize/bundles/kibana.entry.js
    Module not found: Error: Cant resolve plugins/summary_vis/summary_vis in D:\Program Files\Elastic\Kibana\6.2.4\optimize\bundles

Any tip for reason/solution?

Self-solved: wrong name of .js file and directory structure

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