Kibana packaging with less files

Kibana 7.12.1 is 64150 files.
Is it a way to package Kibana so that I can deploy much less files in production ? less node_modules, or Kibana bundle or... ?

I found nothing in the documentation.
Thanks for your help !

Hi Cedric,

Unfortunately, not at this time. We do have a few related efforts underway that may allow us to do something like this in the future.

May I ask, how has this has become an issue for your use case? This would help us better understand why we should consider prioritizing this sooner.

Hi, thanks for your answer.

This is a small issue linked to our deployment framework, which needs to extract all files from (something like a ftp) to the target server.
Extracting 80k files from git then copying to a server is slow, it takes around 15'. I think this is challengeable, but yet it is the only way. I just wonder why so much files are needed and no bundle can be done...

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