Kibana Panel Filter

Hello All,
Can some tell me how can this can be achieved,just show all CPU ,Memory,Diskusage ,Process Memory etc with host name that are critical based on threshhold.Currently I am able to achieve this but issue is sometimes the data dosen't show accurately,like if in panle filter in kibana for CPU usage I am setting threshold > 0.8(80%) then it should show [hostname----------red clor bar----%cpu},but in my case whem sometimes threshold is less than 80% i.e normal it shows 0% green color bar,Using TOP N TSVB in kibana.I just want to display critical server cpu with red color but at times it comes for below threshold set values color(0%)..this should never come.Below are the image attached should idealy show only above 10 %-Red critical only.
Any suggestion would be helpful.Note----AT times it shows all good but randomly this issue is faced like green bar or 0% pops up.strange!

Requirement is to SHOW only "critical servers" CPU,MEMORY,DISKSPACE,SWAP percentages.

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