Kibana Pie Chart Title Label vanishes once you add "split slices" and "terms aggregation"

Hi all

My Kibana and ES versions are bth 7.7.0

Here is the link to the video that demonstrates the problem I am facing



Hi @sanjaysubramanian,

That custom label as I understand it, it serves you to identify the metric later in the buckets panel. What are you expecting from it?

Hi @jsanz Jorge

We have to display a heading for each visualization. Thats the reason I need that Label


The name you use for the visualization is used in the dashboard as header.

You can even customize that title in the dashboard


Is this what you need?

Good point but in my Kibana (free) version 7.7.0 I don't see all the options that you have displayed

You need to edit the dashboard. Check this clip using Kibana 7.8 Open Source edition

Ah of course in Edit mode. How stupid of me :slight_smile:
Thanks. Yes that works great thank you !

All good! :smile:

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