Kibana plug-in or standalone web app

(Paul) #1

I have a requirement for a simple web app - basically display a table of data (from elastic) with actionable buttons associated with each row.

My users would prefer this function as a Kibana plug-in for ease of use reasons, but I have looked at the Kibana plugin docs etc and I don't get a warm feeling - I think I might be much better off to do a simple standalone Angular 6 based web app style solution.

Any thoughts ?

(Tyler Smalley) #2

Our plugin spec is still experimental and will experience change until it has stabilized. At that time, we will have more documentation finalized. A standalone app would be more stable. You can utilize the ES aggregations and use a JS framework like Flot to create the visualizations. Otherwise, you will need to publish a new version of your plugin when you want to update Kibana and follow the change which affect the plugin interfaces.

(system) #3

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