Kibana Plugin Development in Offline Environment v7.14.0

I am trying to develop a Kibana plugin in my environment that is completely offline and am running into issues in getting the helper scripts to run and the development instance of Kibana to come up. I do have access to an instance of artifactory that I am able to upload stuff to. I have used an online machine to clone the repository and run the yarn kbn bootstrap script. After this script successfully ran I zipped up the whole repository and uploaded it to Artifactory, and then downloaded it to my environment. I was able to set the "BAZELISK_BASE_URL" environment variable to point to Artifactory. Now when I run yarn kbn bootstrap in my environment it fails to download "", I have downloaded that package and uploaded it to artifactory, but I am unsure of how to point the helper script to Artifactory to download that package. The helper script is also unable to reach the ci metrics reporter service. I have tried setting KIBANA_CI_STATS_CONFIG=FALSE and KIBANA_CI_STATS_CONFIG=0 but both come up as invalid options for that variable. I am hoping that someone can help me get a development instance of Kibana up and running in my environment. Developing this plug in in a different environment is not possible as the plug in will be integrating with other tools in the offline environment.

We really don't currently have a use case for supporting offline development. Not to say it's not possible, but it's not something we currently provide support for.

Bazel has some docs for creating offline builds. You should be able to add build --distdir=bazel-offline to a .bazerc.user in the root and place the files in there. The reason these are attempting to be re-downloaded is they are stored outside the Kibana checkout (~/.bazel-cache`.

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